How Sherlock jumped the shark in Series 4


Sherlock blubbing

The high-functioning sociopath turned into a full on new man blubber.

Universe Shrinking 


Nothing against the excellent Amanda Abingdon. And her entry at the start of series 3 was perfectly fine but Moffet / Gattis created a terrible noose for themselves at the end of series 3 with the ridiculous ‘international assassin’ backstory for Mary.

Mary’s Ghost

This clunky device to hammer home the grieving of a character which became briefly fashionable in 2016 really killed The Lying Detective.

Clunky References

We all love a nice cultural nod, the more subtle or hidden it is the more satisfying it is to the aloof viewer who can claim to have noticed it. Conversely the

Gaping Plotholes

Deus Ex Machina

Balance of Characters

The first 2 series especially had a beautiful balance between Sherlock & Watson centre stage, with a perfect amount of time for the brilliant support characters: Molly, Mycroft, Mrs Hudson, Lestrade, Anderson.





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